Puppy Preschool


Our mission as dog owners is to teach our pups not just to tolerate, but rather to thoroughly  enjoy the presence and actions of people. Specifically you must desensitize your puppy to every conceivable potentially threatening situation, including petting, handling, hugging and restraint, especially by children, men and strangers. Even valued objects like the food bowl, toys and bones need to be desensitized. Puppy preschool at Mudgee Veterinary Hospital offers the opportunity for puppies to interact with other people and puppies helping to establish their social skills.

Socialization must be accomplished during puppyhood and puppy classes offer a happy, friendly and educational environment to interact. Prevention of temperament problems in adult dogs is often accomplished in puppy classes. The temperament of every dog needs to be modified to some degree-that is molded to suit the owners life style.

In puppy preschool puppies also learn bite inhibition-ie. Learn that their jaws can hurt, when they play-fight and play-bite as youngsters, which help them to develop a soft mouth.

The staff at Mudgee Veterinary Hospital have recently returned from another 3 day Conference hosted by Dr. Ian Dunbar on puppy preschool and dog behaviour/training. We are continually updating our education and passing on the benefits of our training in our puppy classes because we regard puppy education as a crucial stage in their development.

Classes are always running at Mudgee Veterinary Hospital and we welcome any inquiries and all new enrolments. Please phone 63722105

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