Premium Pet food

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 ADVANCE Pet food

At Mudgee Veterinary Hospital we sell  ADVANCE dog and cat food
It is produced in Australia
It is a premium Product that provides excellent health benefits for your pet
The old saying "You are what you eat" is certainly true for your pet








The ADVANCE Dog range Includes

1.       Puppy rehydrateable

2.       Growth

3.       Adult

4.       Energy

5.       Senior

6.       Weight control /Light


The ADVANCE Cat range includes:

1.       Kitten

2.       Adult

3.       Senior

4.       Light

5.       Dental

6.       Hairball


There are also a range of veterinary diets

Which we would recommend for your pet  on individual circumstances

These include

1.       Feline urinary support

2.       Dog Sensitive skin And Hypoallergenic diets

3.       Intestinal support


Other brands premium and veterinary diets can be supplied

but are generally not kept in stock


Lastest News

Horse Eye Ulcer

Here are some pictures of a Hores with a nasty eye ulcer. Caused initially by trauma it then became infected with bacteria and later became infected with a fungal disease.

There was a flushing catheter put in place to allow frequent flushing treatment of treatment solutions to the eye