We would like to inform you of our grooming policies, as to enable

you with the information of the process your “pet” undergoes, whilst attending our surgery for a groom.

We generally like your pet FASTED the morning of your appointment.

This is to enable us to give your “pet” a mild sedation (if required), whilst grooming….(this is done so animals are not stressed)! 

We then clip hair to your instructions ( where possible) sometimes hair is quite matted and we have no other choice than to clip the coat very short all over. Where possible we will clip to specific instructions & even to specific breeds, ie: poodle, schnauzer clips etc. 

With every clip we include : coat clip, nails clipped, plucking & cleaning of ears, express anal glands, bathing with shampoo & conditioner, blow dry and brush. 

We then give a reversing agent to all sedated pets, so they are not sleepy on discharge. 

Sometimes after clipping your pet may display a variety of signs, such as:Itchiness

  • Bottom scooting (post anal gland expression)
  • Rubbing of ears
  • Occasionally red skin from (clipper grazing) 

These are all common symptoms of post-groomed animals, due to short hair etc, and all  settle down with-in a day or two. Should you have any concerns or symptoms persist, pleas do not hesitate to contact the surgery. 

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