Flea Tick and Parasite Control

Flea, Tick and Parasite control


MUDGEE VETERINARY HOSPITAL has a large range of over the counter medication flea and tick treatments control.

All these are great products and will help remove the problems of these parasites

Products Include



A Flea and Tick* Spot on Product from Merial.

Will work for 4 weeks against fleas and 2 weeks for ticks

The frontline Spray is also available



A Flea Spot on Product from Bayer

This product will last a month



A Spot on Product for fleas mites and some internal worms from Bayer

Also lasting a month



A flea and tick* Product from Bayer

This will last a month


(*) with a Tick spot on a daily check for ticks is highly recommended


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There was a flushing catheter put in place to allow frequent flushing treatment of treatment solutions to the eye