Small Animal Services

Animal Health care and Veterinary Services at Mudgee Veterinary Hospital

We offer a number of services at Mudgee Veterinary Hospital:

General Medical & Annual/Biannual Health Check & Vaccinations
We believe it is important for your pet’s health that they have regular checkups. This is normally done at the time of their annual vaccination booster. At this check the vet will examine your pet’s eyes, ears, nose and mouth, for any problems. The vet will also listen to the heart, and lungs. The abdomen will also be palpated checking for normal size and location of liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder, intestines and prostate. The lymph glands and skin are also checked for any problems. Finally the musculoskeletal system is checked for any problems with the joints, muscles or bones. This allows problems to be picked up and treated early. The annual check is a good opportunity for you to discuss any concerns you may have about your pet’s health. The veterinarian can also let you know measures to help prevent your pet developing health problems. 

Surgery & Anaesthesia
We can perform a wide range of surgery for you pets anything from abscesses, soft tissue surgery, exploratory laporotomy, cystotomy, thoracic, reproductive and orthopaedic surgery. Anaesthesia is undertaken using the latest technology and always with pain control being an integral component before during and after a procedure.

Radiology  Ultrasound & Endoscopy
We have an excellent radiographic suite of tools - We have two x-ray generators and a top of the line digital xray processor. If plain films are required then our automatic developer is used. As needed we also perform contrast studies.
We have 2 portible ultrasound machines allowing us to have a machine when you need it.  We also have several endoscopes which allow us view you animals inside without surgery.  

Dental Care
Dental services include routine cleaning and scaling through to complicated extractions.

Generally we advise using a certified and quality controlled independent pathology laboratory but also utilise in house diagnostics as needed.

In order to provide high quality service, the Mudgee Veterinary Hospital keeps many quality prescription medications on hand so that treatment can be begun without delay.


 Health Care Recommendations

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Puppy Preschool

We run a very successfull puppy preschool class - often with 2 -3 classes running at the same time


Please see our grooming page. This will let you know how an when we can clip and bath you pets

Premium Pet Food

We sell ADVANCE premium pet foods. Click the link to read more these products

Flea, Tick and Parasite control

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