X-Rays, Ultrasound and Endoscopy

X-Rays and Ultrasound Examinations at Mudgee Veterinary Hospital

X-Raying a horses fetlock with the digital machineDIGITAL X-RAYS

Mudgee Veterinary Hospitals digital X-Ray machine allows for rapid and accurate diagnosis.

Advanced quality pictures of your pet so that an early and correct treatment can be started.

These pictures are easily emailed to veterinary specialists if further interpretation is required. 

Digital X-Ray of a Horse's Fractured elbow Digital X-Ray of cats chest Digital X-Ray of a dogs hip


ULTRASOUNDReal Time Ultrasound of a dogs heart

At Mudgee Veterinary Hospital we have 2 portable ultrasound machines. These are another great non invasive tool to assist in diagnosing any problem that your pet may have.

As with the digital x-rays these images can be saved stored and emailed as required.




We also have a range of endoscopes that we use. They are small cameras that allow us to look inside your pet without invasive surgery. These are the same endoscopes that are used in human medicine for internal examinations.
Endoscope of a ulcerated dogs stomach Normal Horses throat endoscope



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