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As the weeks become warmer, pet owners are faced with the problem of flea infestations. Fleas are hardy little creatures and are very successful breeders adapting to many environments. An adult female flea is continuously laying eggs throughout her life and can lay up to 600 in a lifetime.95% of the fleas life is spent off the host (cat or dog),only 5% is spent is spent on the pet.

Adult fleas are responsible (through their blood sucking behaviour) for the transmission of a number of diseases including the common tapeworm of dogs and cats.

Fleas can also be the cause of irritating allergic skin disease in both cats and dogs due to a reaction to the flea saliva. In the dog this can be seen as chewing, licking or rubbing over the rump at the tail base. In cats it tends to be more generalized over the whole body.

To be successful you must treat the whole life-cycle of the flea on all pets in the household.  The environment both inside and outside the house which acts as a reservoir should be treated as well.

Mudgee Veterinary Hospital has a number of treatments available to both prevent and treat fleas on your pet. Call in and speak to our friendly staff who will suggest the best treatment for you.

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