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 Cat and mouse picture

Rat and mouse baits are very palatable to dogs and are often ingested by accident . This is becoming more common as mouse numbers build up and baiting increases. If ingestion  is suspected do not wait for symptoms to develop as early action is needed for  treatment to be successful. These baits are an anticoagulant and are very toxic to our pets. If the dog has only just ingested the poison vomiting should be induced, but still seek veterinary advice.


Treatment involves  Vitamin K medication and sometimes blood transfusions in severe cases. Prevention is the best treatment so keep all rat and mouse poisons out of your dogs reach. Rats can often knock baits off shelves and ledges so placing baits in pieces of storm water pipe where dogs cannot reach is advisable.

Remember to seek veterinary advice from Mudgee Veterinary Hospital if you suspect your dog has eaten any baits .

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