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A dog in the family can be a wonderful source of companionship and there are many benefits for children in growing up with a pet. It is important however, that children learn sensible behavior and interact safely with dogs. Being “dog safe” is a priority.


Never leave a child under seven unattended with any dog.

Constantly supervise and manage children and dogs. Many children get bitten by trusted family or neighbours dogs. While there is no “safe period” during childhood to adolescence, the highest risk age group in Australia is under ten years of age, with severe bites occurring to the head and neck.

Create supervised activities that can be safely initiated between children and dogs, such as training, tricks or calm games.

Be aware that children raised with tolerant and friendly dogs may be at risk with other dogs.

Learn and educate

Learn to interpret dogs so you can judge a dogs behavior when interacting with a child and heed any early warnings.

Identify and discuss dogs body language with the child. Explain situations in which it would be inappropriate to approach a dog and other situations where it would be friendly and safe.

Children observe and model adult behavior so it is vital that adults interact appropriately with dogs in a manner that children can copy.

Teach Children

Not to tease, hurt or interact excitedly with any dogs.

To interpret and respect dogs

How to interact appropriately with friendly dogs and ignore others.

How to behave if they feel threatened by a loose dog.

To inform adults if they feel threatened by a dog.


Be aware that all dogs tolerance may reduce with age, pain, stress, high excitement levels, specific situations and constant exposure to children.

Create secure areas to isolate your dog from children for occasions when supervision is not available.

Seek professional assistance if you are at all concerned.


Mudgee Veterinary Hospital staff attend local public schools to educate children how to be safe around dogs on a regular basis, inviting children to interact with SPOT, our loyal dalmation dog and learn all about safe pets out there. If you need any information about your dogs behavior please call the friendly staff who will assist you. 

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