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While its easy for us to throw on  an extra jumper or two, what about our pets? They have to bare it all. They cant suddenly grow a longer coat to cope with the frosty weather. Now is a good time to take your pet to your Vet for a winter checkup. Older dogs and cats are especially prone to the adverse effects of winter. Arthritis is one of the most common winter conditions to cause pets discomfort. In cold weather, many dogs or cats have difficulty rising after snoozing for a while. Some pets are stiff and sore after exercising. Limping and shortened gaits are common signs of arthritis. Keeping your pet warm can often play an important role in managing these conditions.

To keep a pet comfortable and warm at night why not give it a hot water bottle? This can be as simple as a plastic soft drink container filled with hot water from the tap. Cover the container with a  towel or an old woollen jumper. Never use boiling water as your pet may chew the container and burn itself. It is vital that the water bottles, including the rubber ones, are insulated with a thick covering of material to prevent burns. This is especially important for disabled or infant pets that may be unable to move away from the heat source. What may feel comfortable to touch can become dangerously hot when the animal has been lying on it for a few minutes. There is also a new range of microwave-able hot water bottles or pads. These hold their heat for most of the night. Thermostatically controlled heat pads can be placed in a pets basket to provide warmth as well. An old sock filled with rice and heated in the microwave for 2 minutes is another good heat pack. The rice  is also safe if your pet happens to eat it!

Of course you can give your dog the latest in dog coats. These can provide great comfort, especially if your dog has no fat layers or little hair to keep them warm. If your dog sleeps outside you should provide him with a warm kennel. The floor should be elevated to keep your dog off the ground. Place thick bedding in the kennel, eg. sheepskin-like material.

Remember while you’re warm and toasty this winter, don’t forget your pets and call into Mudgee Veterinary Hospital to checkout our large range of dog coats.

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There is flushing catheter in place to allow frequent flushing treatment of treatment solutions to the eye