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There are many benefits to desexing your cat and these include prevention of health and behaviour related problems as well as prevention of the birth of unwanted kittens. Some of the benefits are:


  • To reduce the number of unwanted litters.

The number of kittens born each year is greater than the number of available homes.
Many kittens end up in animal shelters or put to sleep.

  •  To prevent seasons.

A female cat will come into season 3-4 times during mating season.
The season may last up to 3 weeks if she is not mated.
During this time there is a change of behavior-she may hide,seek attention, and roll around on the floor,call and spray urine around the house or garden.
Male cats will travel great distances in response to a female calling and will spray all around the area the queen (female cat)Is located(even if she is locked inside).

  •  To reduce the risk of developing mammary cancer.
  •  Elimination of ovarian cancer.



  • Prevent urine spraying.

Uncastrated male cats mark their territory by urine spraying.
The urine has a characteristic pungent odour which is unpleasant in and around the house and very difficult  to remove. 

  • Reduce the tendency to roam.

Cats are territorial by nature and Tomcats quite commonly patrol a large area (up to 5km diameter)
Undesexed Males are more likely to instigate cat fights.
Viral diseases such as Cat Aids are transmitting by biting.
Undesexed male cats are more likely to be hit by a car while they are roaming or develop abscesses from cat bites. 

  • Eliminate testicular cancers and reduce risks of prostate disease.


Mudgee Veterinary Hospital offers desexing to both male and female cats most days of the week. We recommend getting your Cats desexed as "in season"  female cats will often remain in season until they fall pregnant.

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Here are some pictures of a Hores with a nasty eye ulcer. Caused initially by trauma inbecame infected with bacteria. Later the ulcer became infected with a fungal disease.

There is flushing catheter in place to allow frequent flushing treatment of treatment solutions to the eye