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Cats which claw furniture, soil on the hand-tufted Persian rug, scratch their owners and steal food from tabletops can be cured if we are deligent, patient and consistent. Most pet owners look at punishment as their first line of attack for annoying behaviours. Cats will associate the bash we give them for sharpening their claws on the furniture with you coming near them, not with the claw sharpening. Thus the cat learns to avoid you when you have the newspaper in your hand for example, and will return to sharpen his claws when you are not looking. A better method is to employ remote punishment where the cat thinks the object of abuse is the source of punishment, but the rule is not to hurt your cat.

Mouse trap Technique:  Set a mousetrap upside down on the couch covered with newspaper and when the cat places a paw on the newspaper the trap is activated and the cat is startled and runs off. You should now scoop him up and offer comfort as being the “good guy” in this scary scenario. You can also cover the clawed furniture with aluminium foil, trim your cats claws weekly and place a scratching post next to the abused furniture.

Masking the Surprise: Make loops of tape about 2cms long with the sticky surface on the outside and place these in strategic locations over the table and benchtops. Cats hate having goo on their feet.

Water works:  A quick spray from a water spray bottle is very useful when 2 cats are fighting or when your cat is sitting somewhere he shouldn’t be or even trying to attack your ankles as you walk past.

Desexing:  Getting your cat desexed can often help tame some of these manic behaviours .

Feliway Spray: This spray contains a synthetic equivalent of the scents or pheromones that are found normally on a cats body and face and can often help the cat to relax and not feel so destructive. This product is available from Mudgee Vet Hospital.

The friendly staff at Mudgee Vet Hospital are always available to have a chat to you when it comes to your cats manic behaviours-call in and see the girls for some hints about controlling the uncontrollable-after all, cats think we are their slaves!!!!

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