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Mudgee Veterinary Hospital – Vet, pet and farm animal care in Mudgee, Gulgong and Rylstone

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Mudgee Vet Hospital has almost 30 years of providing veterinary services to the Mudgee, Gulgong and Rylstone community. We now have added this website to further assist you in looking after your animals in the best possible manner.

Within this website you will find out:

1. Who we are
2. Our office hours
3. Contact details
4. A description of the facilities
5. Services we offer

 We will be growing our on-site health care information as well as providing www links to sites which we believe are of value.

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We would like to stress that information found here or elsewhere on the internet can never replace a physical examination and assessment of your pets health. By all means have a look to see what we can offer. For more information or for an appointment please call: Mudgee Vet Hospital  6372 2105


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Lastest News


Here are some photos of a horse that had multiple sarcoids (5 in total).

This case was successfully treated, and the horse is sarcoid free